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‎”A birth certificate shows you were born, a death certificate shows you have died, a photo album shows you have lived!”

I believe that the “digital revolution” has reached a new level of maturity. The “general public”, from their own experience, now understands the importance of taking a digital photo file through to a printed photograph or album. The majority of my clients now choose to display their photos in a custom made professional album. And I LOVE being able to hand over that finished album.

There is nothing like turning the pages of a beautifully crafted album, NOTHING!

Can you honestly imagine that your iPad/laptop/PC will still be working in 50 or 100 years. And will these yet to be precious photos you have stored on these devices, only in a digital format, be archived and viewable in even 25 years?

We take more photos than ever before, but I am scared that in the future, very few of these moments in history will be available for future generations. Still don’t believe me…where are the photos from your last holiday, christmas, birthday party, etc. OK so you know where they are, excellent. Did you ever “get around” to having them printed…no, what about one of those cheap “coffee table books”? Now imagine your home was burning down, can you grab all your digital photos and take them with you?

A friend recently said, his mum kept all the family photo albums in a cupboard next to front door. Why? So if the house did catch fire and they could save nothing else, the albums would survive.

I can’t wait to get back this design back as a finished album from Dave & Liv’s recent Beloved session!!!