Sorry it’s taken me/us so long to write a note of thanks to you… life’s been hectic. frick. isn’t it always?

Sometimes, when my heart can take it, I flip through yellowing prints of a life lived before I remember my own. I look deep into the images trying so desperately to see, in the few early photos we have of my parents, evidence of their love, new and beginning. Theirs was a love that survived insurmountable odds. A love so strong they died only a year apart, while only in their early 40s.

We were just kids when they left us. Too young to know that one day we would want shared the story of their beginning. Too young to ask, too young to listen. And so today, all we have are dimming mental images, memories chosen by ourselves in our late teens… to them we grasp, but from them we are guided less and less as our age eclipses theirs.

And so with this in mind, Josh and I set about to find a photographer who could ensure this never happened to our own children…

When Josh and I found the first of your albums online we saw real people. We saw real love, real anticipation, real relief, real excitement, real beauty, real lives. Your albums told a story of a day, a love, a community, a shared devotion between lovers and loved. Josh and I, in looking at your pics, felt your only purpose was to capture real life – the people you photographed did the rest.

 Your intuitive ability to capture our family, warts and all, and remind us of that within us which makes us who we are is why we are so thankful that you were there with us on the day.

Thank you Ben.

Because of you and what you do, my kids and their kids will read, in our wedding album, the story of us. Of those who hold us high. And of a day of celebration for optimism and perseverence overcoming all.

M and J xxx

To the most amazing photographer I have had the pleasure of knowing!

Ben I can only try in words to thank you for such an amazing day. When we first decided to get married and have it at Bermagui, I did some research on photographers in the south coast region, I flicked through a few photographers websites and came across to yours it was down! ☺

I linked onto your Facebook page and became obsessed with your work checking regularly, I had rung Kimberly and asked if she had known about you and your work and she instantly said “Ben is the best! He did our wedding and all my friends weddings, you have to book him” That afternoon we booked you!
You have been nothing but fantastic from the get go! Leading up to our wedding inviting us to dinner at your place and getting to meet Ripley was a lovely thing to do as this does not happen in Sydney.

The big day! Just the small things like helping my mum with her corsage before we walked out and taking photos of my Cassie girl! Little things like that I cannot thank you enough and making me laugh with Leanne and working in a professional atmosphere! Just made me settled and glad to have a laugh rather than being nervous.
Being told at the end of the day that no one had used my camera and I had no photos of the day and being in total panic. I have been counting down all this week for the Sneak peek photos and this morning I sat with David and Mum looking I had a tear in my eye seeing the most amazing photos I have ever seen!

I am sorry for this being a long letter but we truly cannot thank you enough, and in words I cannot tell you how thankful we are!
You have given us pictures that we can look back on and reminisce what an amazing day we had and show our children and grand children.

For that I am forever grateful, you have given us more than just photos but memories and everlasting smiles and tears when we look at these photos for the rest of our lives! You’re a gem Ben and please don’t ever stop giving people the gift of memories and everlasting smiles.

Hope that you will be a part of our lives and maybe one day our families lives providing more unforgettable memories. Will be in touch soon!

Love always Kristy-lee & Dave

Morning Ben,

Well I don’t know what to say I am totally speechless. The pictures are amazing. I had such high expectations of your work after seeing all those samples at your house before the wedding and you have lived up to everything.

I absolutely love them. Dale said they are brilliant and to pass on his thanks. Think he was a little surprised as well.

On the day I received so many comments about you. Everyone was saying that you made everything work so well and made them all feel so comfortable when they were having there pics taken. They all wanted to say how professional you are.

I know who I will be calling when dale and I want to get some portrait pics or someday when we would like to get a family portrait….won’t be going to one of those crap star shots places that for sure.

Thank you so much for making our day even more special.
Bay and Dale

Ben….o my gosh Ben, i have no words at the moment to describe the way i am feeling!!!! Your photos are truely BEAUTIFUL, all the worrying, the stress and the crazy dreams were all so worth it. The day goes so quickly and you managed to capture every moment. What can i say about Kianinny??? To think that we almost didn’t get out of the car hehehehe the pain was sooooo worth it, they are wicked!! I can’t wait till Brett gets home from work, he is going to love them also!!!!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, your relaxed and caring nature made the most amazing day of our lives even more special. Our bridal party loved your humour, we are still laughing about Raz’s butt wiggling up the beach!

Your service went above and beyond our expectations, apart from the photos being truely amazing, it was the little things that you guys did that made it so memorable. It started with you fixing our page boys tie, then your assistant (very sorry that i can’t recall her name) collecting our flowers when we were running late to my sister being truely impressed that you had pulled her chair out to sit on.

We can’t thank you enough!!!

We will recommend you to everyone that asks 🙂

Thanks again
Brett & Kell


BEN!!!!!!!! got a parcel in the mail today…. here we were thinking it was the parent album…. open it and find that it is a bigger even more awesome album than the one received first (the parent album)… haha we were so happy with the first one thinking it was just awesome but did not realise it was only the parent album! SUCH A GREAT SURPRISE. Everything you have done for our very precious wedding memories is more than we could of imagined!! Thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much once again Ben. We look forward to doing more photos with you. Oh and a big thank you for the gift photo, it is beautiful!

Take care
Clint & Sarah

Hey Ben,
We would just like to say a big thankyou to you for making our wedding day such a memorable one. We had such a good time with the bridal party on our location shots and you made everyone feel so calm and relaxed and they really enjoyed themselves. We cant wait to see our photos. Thanks again and will be in touch From Carlyn and Duayne.

Hey Ben


We ve just spent over 2 and half hours looking over each and every one of the pics that you took, i don’t think we have said “wow thats awesome” or “we’re so getting that framed” that many times before. The box that the pictures came in was more then expected…and a lovely surprise. Carlz has neatly folded the gloves up and placed them back in the box with pictures as im typing thisJ
Mate in all honesty, thankyou for what you have done, we know you stayed on longer then was organised (and you got some great shots by doing it too) we know you didnt have to stay around, so thankyou for that, we wont forget it, thanks for making our day so memorable with your photos.
We will definitely be calling upon you again in the future…

Cam and Carlz

PS Pillow fight shots rocked my world lol

Hi Ben! The photos are SENSATIONAL!!! Really, really, really, really, really HAPPY with them 🙂 They really did exceed all expectations. And now – so many decisions to make! Which ones to enlarge? Which ones in an album? What kind of finish? What to have in black and white, etc, etc! We will be in touch soon as i think your professional advice will be required!
Not sure whats happening with the date for ‘stage 2’ as yet – we’re moving into our new house tomorrow and its a little difficult to commit financially to anything else! I can assure you that it is still going ahead… But, I understand if you need to book someone else in – i’m just unsure when we’ll have a firm decision on our date – sorry!

Looking forward to being able to catch up sometime soon and look through some photo options.

Take care, will be in contact sometime in the next couple of weeks

Christie & Mark