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How to avoid the Wedding “Fauxtographer”

Wedding photography is one of the strangest things you will ever “buy”. You are investing a large amount of money, up front, for a product you can’t actually see, from a day that has not even happened yet. And of course if your disappointed with your photos, no you can’t get a refund, pay a bit more and have better ones!

There is no government regulation of wedding photography & anybody can start a business and call themselves a wedding photographer! Unfortunately a photographer being a member of any of the myriad of voluntary associations isn’t a guarantee either. So all you have to go on when choosing a photographer is what they chose to show & tell you about themselves. Some overate their talents, some stretch the truth a little & some actually tell outright lies. I personally know top end photographers who have had their entire website “borrowed” just with a different logo!

To the inexperienced  couple who really value finding a truly professional wedding photographer, things are confusing to say the least.

So what I have done is put together a questioner  for the photographers you are considering that I believe will really help “sort the wheat from the chaff”

I have filled the example below in, if you would like a blank copy  to use, just email me using the contact form.


Contact Information

Name:  Ben Marden


Mailing Address:  “Waterloo” via Quaama NSW 2550

Telephone Number/s:  (02) 6493 8305     0409 977 911

Email Address:

Professional Experience

* Are you a full time professional YES or NO?

* How many weddings have you shot professionally as the paid, Primary Photographer (do not include Family or Friends)?    Nearly 300

* Over How Many Years?     11

* Ever miss a wedding? NO or Yes Reason?

* Is All of the work on your website listed under Samples, YOUR photography from Actual Paid Clients?

YES unless labeled or NO (Not as a 2nd Shooter, or “Staged” shoots with models)

* May I see a complete selection of images from your last 3 weddings From Start To Finish? YES, see my website or NO

* Can you provide professionally made wedding albums (not “coffee table books”) & re-prints YES or NO

* Please list the Camera Bodies you currently use (Please Do Not List Equipment You Plan to Rent/borrow)

  1. Canon 5Dmkii
  2. Canon 5Dmkii
  3. Canon 5Dmkii
  4. Canon 5Dmki

* Amount of Equipment Insurance Coverage You Currently Have $ 58 thousand

* Amount of Public Liability Coverage You Currently Have $ 20 million

* If needed what type of supplemental lighting do you use for Low light or Uneven Lighting Conditions?

  1. Flash; on & off camera
  2. Video light
  3. Reflector

* Have you ever lost digital images of an event via accidental deletion, loss, or damage of media? YES or NO

* How Many Copies of Backup Files will you make of my images after the wedding? 6 copies; 5 x HD, 1 x DVD

* Will any of the Backup Files be stored In a Separate Location? YES or NO

Testimony of Photographer

I, (the undersigned photographer), have carefully checked all of the answers above and verify that the information and answers provided above are completely accurate and truthful.

I agree that this document will be (attached as an addendum) to any contract executed for photographic event coverage between the undersigned client and myself.

In the event that any of the representations made above are discovered to be misleading, untruthful or inaccurate, this document may be used in legal action against me for misrepresentation and fraud.

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_______________________________ Date ____/_____/_____