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Photoshop to me is for that final little 10% polish or for removing things that just couldn’t be avoided. It’s not for complete fabrications or “saving” a shit photo. And keep in mind “you can’t polish a turd”.

It’s a lot like make up, used well it accentuates best features & covers imperfections. Used badly and the results range from comical to tragic.

I am starting to think (bad) “photoshop” is a bit like illicit drugs of dependance for some;

– it starts out as a “fast track” to happiness
– once you start it’s hard to stop
– as time goes on you need to use more to get “the hit”
– you can’t get by with out it
– it wastes an enormous amount of time and energy
– after awhile it’s hard to tell what is real
– it gives more confidence than is perhaps healthy
– you will look back and say “what the hell was I thinking!”
– the “real world” is no longer enough

What is wrong with “the real world”? I think it is amazing, but only if you can see the beauty in it, just as it is & not how you wished it was.